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  1. Any BBWs up for a little Kik chat?
  2. Bored and want to chat via skype or here
  3. Looking for vanilla
  4. nice blk m here for chat
  5. 400 pound BBW ready to skype
  6. just uploaded a little photo for your guys pleasure ;)
  7. 400 pounds of voluptuos flirty fun? ;)
  8. Any lonely BBWs out there wanna talk?
  9. Anyone looking to conversate with a cute lonely Canadian BBW?
  10. love muscular men
  11. big girls of LA
  12. dating a plus-sized girl
  13. tenness
  14. where are all the single men looking for love?
  15. bowling, movies, dinner parties anyone in CT?
  16. speak to me.. dont be shy stop and say hi.
  17. Looking for a nice thick bbw
  18. any Indian Guys here from India united states
  19. looking for a serious relationship starting out as friends first you be living in usa
  20. sick of this weight being that one reason that I can't :(
  21. Dating/relationship seeking/Single Mom
  22. has anyone on here ever.....
  23. borough bbws
  24. trying to date after 40 and meet a ssbbw
  25. Sound Advice
  26. Lonely...
  27. Any Deaf ladies here seeking for right man?
  28. NJ/philly BBW lovers
  29. Confidence, Finding it Again
  30. Fantasy or Fetish (and does it matter?)
  31. Houston, we have a problem!
  32. To My BBS (big, beautiful son)...
  33. Blk Male ~ Age 50 ~ Seeking SSBBW
  34. WLTM UK
  35. DATING
  36. Sophisticated Man For Curvy, Big Butt, Successful BBW
  37. Relationship without All the Riga-ma-rolle
  38. Blonde BBW Looking to Chat
  39. BBWs in the inland empire California
  40. lost a friend
  41. Looking to start new year off right
  42. Any ladies from the south?
  43. anyone from the philly area? new
  44. Devorsed guy seeking busty BBW/SSBBW for LTR
  45. Black men in Atlanta
  46. Dating prefrence;)
  47. Back on the saddle :)
  48. All The Good One's AREN'T Taken!
  49. 25 yr old suger baby
  50. Looking for a Relationship
  51. Bbw lover looking
  52. looking for daytona beach woman
  53. Want to chat?
  54. North England
  55. Hey any ladies on here from long island?
  56. I'm looking....
  57. long island ny
  58. New Here!
  59. Los Angeles sugar babi
  60. Looking for single BBW in Florida.
  61. What is a perk of dating you?
  62. if a man want you
  63. just words of truth
  64. Craziest thing you do to show someone you have feelings?????
  65. Nor cal BBW's
  66. Fullerton Cali MAN
  67. Love....
  68. rated back on the market :)
  69. Looking for bbws to set up firends fiance
  70. Bbw masseus in tampa
  71. Married BBW looking....
  72. Melbourne FL bbw
  73. shot in the dark
  74. I like my BBW but...
  75. My Rant!!!!!
  76. Good articles
  77. California Love
  78. Redbooks' 9 Secrets of a Happy Coupe
  79. Wanted, tall male with red hair <3
  80. This Is What Crazy Looks Like Via Text Msg
  81. Baby boomer divorce rate doubles.
  82. Fetish or personal taste
  83. What is it about that 1?
  84. Self Worth
  85. Large Age Gap
  86. Time to stir things up.
  87. My problem with single people trying to give relationship advice
  88. Want some opinions.. please help me out
  89. Sex without condoms!
  90. Hmmmmm.... Wheres the real gentlemen?
  91. Bisexual Women in Ample beauties..
  92. Important life lesson #749
  93. Sometimes you look at the makeup women wear...
  94. Ladies......
  95. Sex and Dating in relationships
  96. Online FWB
  97. Weird or just normal???
  98. any straight male admirers in the greater seattle area?
  99. Long Time Gone
  100. Guys, I need your help
  101. 10 types of women you should stay away from
  102. The weather man said 6-8 inches.......
  103. Santa is.......
  104. Professional Tip: #367
  105. 6 Types of Men Every Woman Should Date
  106. Is it just me ?????
  107. Why you're not married.
  108. ~~Secret Crush~~
  109. how about first you show me your benefits
  110. Double Life
  111. Gross!!
  112. I guess taking pics...
  113. Wanna go deaf for a few minutes?
  114. Looking to start friendship with nice BBW
  115. Hey, all of you gorgeous ladies on Ample....
  116. who for you like to take out on a date from ample?
  117. What do guys really think of long distance relationships?
  118. Sick of First Dates Only
  119. I don't get nervous if I'm surrounded by beautiful women.
  120. Those of you who claim that men can't multi-task......
  121. Dreaming of a white...
  122. Is constructive criticism really constructive?
  123. I think I may have misunderstood my boss........
  124. Women...........
  125. According to maxipad commercials.......
  126. New love interest doesn't like to kiss, deal breaker?
  127. If you like to make love while listening to music......
  128. Baby Momma Drama!!!!!
  129. Positive or ??
  130. Love, lies and what they learned.
  131. How do you really know a guy is into you?
  132. Dating .....Why is it soo hard to find a great honest man that wants tp date , meet and enjoy life
  133. Hairy chest or no?
  134. How do YOU know when you're in love?
  135. BBW or not--a man has no preference?
  136. Is Sexting Cheating? Interesting article.
  137. i need to be strong!!!help!!
  138. Definition of Porn?
  139. Boyfriend and porn?!?! HELP!!!
  140. Article about being single - Good one!
  141. NPR story about obesity & relationships
  142. This Thread is ONLY for SERIOUS mind ppl looking to date!
  143. Let's share about bringing a date to Ample...
  144. How valuable do others think YOUR TIME Is?
  145. Getting a Grip
  146. Being a Sugar Baby?
  147. what makes a great date?
  148. Guilty pleasures, jealousy, and social networking
  149. Water Seeks Its Own Level?
  150. It's So Funny When...
  151. Best RnB duet song?
  153. A birthday greeting
  154. Raise your hand if you want a party on Long Island or NYC?
  155. Being called Baby.
  156. Ladies/Men Do you date up or down
  157. Sexual Talk on the First PM
  158. Dating in or out of your Race?
  159. Just Got Dumped :(
  160. Aggressive or Not ?
  161. All alone, want to play.. its raining outside!
  162. If I had a $100 every time someone told me.....
  163. Why can't anyone be truthful in the beginning ...No Games!
  164. Real Questions.... FWB topic
  165. Its hard for to approach Woman like you Seriously!!!!
  166. Where are all the relationship minded men on here???
  167. I Desire Sexy BBW ladies 4 Life!!!
  168. Texas Ladies
  169. Summer Blues
  170. Am I wrong?
  171. Just a thought on Friendship, if you don't mind me sharing it.
  172. Is being reliable Important ??
  173. Can we talk about Love?
  174. How to ask a guy out,
  175. gay members...??
  176. Just wondering....
  177. Almost dated my first bbw.
  178. Gone far too soon...
  179. Falling out of love ?
  180. Outdoor and Indoor Activities
  181. What happened to romance?
  182. need a few opinions
  183. Need Advice
  184. Does anyone think that friends with beneifits is overrated????
  185. When Physical turns Emotional
  186. Is it really hard to say good bye?
  187. Letting Go - Passage To Ex
  188. Have you ever dated a widower?
  189. Outside The Box
  190. *facepalm* Some women out there give other women a bad name...Spyder rant #2
  191. How did you get over an Ex M-F Lover?
  192. It Works Both Ways...
  193. Serial Lover
  194. Lovely words to live by..beautiful
  195. 20 Reasons A BFF is better....
  196. Zodiac Signs
  197. Are you looking for a LTR (long-term relationship)?
  198. CAN Platonic Relationships Work?
  199. Have u Ever
  200. Looking for one...
  201. Dating nightmares
  202. Is it better to be FWB or in a committed relationship
  203. Is it really appropriate to ask us our weight, even though you like big woman?
  204. Tricks to dating more than 1 person at a time?
  205. Lust & love.... The difference (or is there?)
  206. Do you hold back or are you a good communicator?
  207. I will always be a hopeless romantic...
  208. I love to hear a woman say.............
  209. Opinions Please!
  210. Rose or Gardener
  211. Can Facebook ruin your Relationship?
  212. Holidays are depressive, no matter what holiday it is! Without a special person in your life
  213. On a Deep Note...Abuse and the BBW...
  214. Apples and Effort......
  215. 12 Tips to overcoming hurt/anger...great article
  216. Ladies...emotionally educate yourself ....
  217. 3somes
  218. Guy's What do you think Makes a Good Woman?
  219. True love
  220. passwords
  221. What do you do when you like a friend more then just a friend?
  222. Indiana
  223. Sexting
  224. bisexual bbws
  225. No time.
  226. Your career over your relationship...
  227. How do you show someone you love them..
  228. Do you believe in destiny ...??
  229. Why do men say they want a real woman ..
  230. Why do woman say men look for superficial ...
  231. What would you do
  232. Dating your Ex is it OK ?
  233. Real world / real talk
  234. Do Grown Men Cry
  235. Article about Kissing
  236. Do you feel guilty for being Unfaithful?
  237. Is it time to be the bigger person.....
  238. Chivalry???
  239. Ladies, keep it real...could you handle the truth?!?!
  240. Hook Ups @ the Bash!!!
  241. The Free Grocery Program Works!!!
  242. Do you need help in your marriage?
  243. Have you ever used a Professional Matchmaker?
  244. How to decode men and women
  245. new to the site lookin for women in massachusetts
  246. Is Dating DEAD????
  247. Looking for friends in MA
  248. Woman offers $1000 for man to dress in uniform at a party.
  249. who wants a relationship ladies?
  250. The do's & dont's of dating if you are a "nice" guy or girl.