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  1. Cities of the world...
  2. When I get home from work...
  3. rough day
  4. Did this ever happen to you?
  5. knock knock jokes
  6. Top 10 Country Songs (funny)
  7. Shopping for a new girlfriend
  8. Life...
  9. Choosing a wife...
  10. The difference between men & women
  11. FOR THE LADIES! Breast Cancer Check App lol
  12. Melissa McCarthy on SNL
  13. Adult funnies
  14. Saw this today....
  15. Bathroom Etiquette! lol
  16. Public Rest Room
  17. Plants that go bad - Hilarious video of nature
  18. Have you tried "Coning"?
  19. Top 10 things women would do if they had a Penis for the day
  20. Hot !!!
  21. Top 10 things men would do if they had a Vagina for the day
  22. Whew it was a Toy Story Night
  23. What do you call 4 lesbians in a closet?
  24. comedy
  25. The Boyfriend Application
  26. Weddings
  27. Changes in marriage (joke)
  28. That good huh?
  29. Clever Personal Ad
  30. Where were you when the cam chat went down???
  31. Friday Funny ...! :)
  32. Yen for dollars (joke!)
  33. OMG so funny!!!!
  34. Fuel saver or headline waiting to happen
  35. Did ALF just say the N word??
  36. If you need a laugh this Xmas day.
  37. "Chinmey Intruder"
  38. Minty the Candy Cane...it's hysterical!
  39. The OFFICIAL Male sensitivity test !!
  40. prank call
  41. Even little kids are picky now
  42. You ever heard of Tiger Mike? Well let me introduce you ... lol
  43. Sad Day for comedy! :-(
  44. Every Little Step
  45. What's the funniest Bumper Sticker you have seen
  46. The only difference between death adn taxes
  47. Please Accept this Ring On Farmville LOL
  48. Lawyer joke
  49. Real Salsa Dancing Dog
  50. The First and Last Ample Stripper Pole Contest
  51. Definitely
  52. Reminded me of our funniest Ample member..
  53. Drunkest Guy Ever!!! LMFAO!!
  54. guess what this is?
  55. How NOT to push a BBW on a swing
  56. A tribute to ranch dressing.
  57. SwaggerWagon - Pinkies up! (See this Toyota Minivan Viral Vid)
  58. Bullfrog BJ
  59. Viagra
  60. SHOE
  61. Went to Dr. today for an exam :(
  62. Life is tough. It's even tougher if you're stupid!!!!
  63. Have Fun Beating the Scores in the Arcade?
  64. Joke of the Day
  65. Happy Valentines Day-Mothers with sons
  66. The Donkey
  67. What a Girls' got to do for a lil Romance!! lol
  68. Couple more funny vids
  69. 2 girls 1 cup reaction
  70. Comedy Podcast
  71. 52 New Years Babies...lol
  72. Write a Caption
  73. Jessica Kirson
  74. Tiger Woods Holiday Poem
  75. Makes your heart warm to know people care !
  76. What's the difference between Santa Claus and Tiger Woods?
  77. Who is your favorite funniest Poster at Club Ample
  78. Fun up at Headliners Comedy Club.
  79. Jay Grove Works The Crowd!!
  80. Check Out This Christmas Decoration
  81. Comedian Ralphie May at Hartford Funny Bone
  82. Comedy Night in Jersey