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Ample Beauties BBW Chat Rooms

Ample Beauties is working hard to have the best BBW chat rooms on the web. We will not be satisfied with second best. We are completely determined to be the most active chat site on the net. Our chat rooms include such features as:

- Chat Avatars
- Profile Viewing
- Private Chat Invitations
- Private Messages
- Whisper Messages
- Block Users
- Webcam and Audio
- View multiple Cams
- Send Private Pics/Files
- Saved Settings
- Smiley Sets
- Multiple Statuses
- Customizable Chat Templates
- Customizable Chat Backgrounds
- And so Much More

Instant Messaging

In order to instant message someone, you need to first view their profile. If the person is online, you will have the option to chat (instant message) or video chat with him or her. Instant messages will show up in your profile bar at the bottom of your screen. Our instant messaging service will also remember any previous conversations you may have had with a member.

Video Chat

This feature will soon be available on a member's profile if he or she is online. You can either start with instant messaging and progress to video chat, or you can jump strait into video chat. This feature gives you the ability to be completely alone with another member, using video, audio or both while chatting. Nobody (not even our admins) can see what's going on.


Chat Alternatives

If your not into chatting, there are still tons of other ways you can communicate with other members on Ample Beauties. You can send basic messages, friend requests, and even gifts with messages. You can also post a comment on a member's wall, or simply add a comment or message to his/her profile. There are so many ways to communicate on Ample Beauties, it would take us a whole website just to list all the possibilities.

More to Come

What you have just read are only some of our many, many features at We are absolutely committed to adding and improving features on a regular basis. If there is anything you would like to see, please contact us and let us know. If we are going to make this the best BBW chat and dating site on the net, we really need your help. Please feel free to contact us and tell us what you think.


Chatroom Features

The power of Ample Beauties Chat

Ample Beauties Chat Features
Social Connect of 123 Flash Chat, Chat Software

Social Connect

It enables you to login with their Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Google accounts with linking and sharing abilities.

Virtual Currency

The foundation for the virtual gifts.

High-quality video and audio communication.

Video and Audio Chat with other users right here!

Virtual Gifts

Virtual Gifts

Virtual gifts are fun animations that can be purchased with virtual currency within a chat room and sent to your friends. or new acquaintance.

Great Smilies and Emoticons

The wide vairety of smilies and emoticons help express your online chats.


Log in with Ample Beauties

Once registered, Ample Beauties users can sign into our chat rooms seamlessly with their existing account.


Customizable Skin

Choose the color skin, background, as well as font color and text style to personalize your experience on Ample.


Upload/Webcam Avatar

The option enables you to to create unique avatars by uploading or capturing webcam videos

Social Networks

You may introduce your friends to the chat room on Windows Live Messenger, gtalk, Yahoo Messenger or Twitter, so you can stay connected across many platforms.

Cross Devices

Ample Beauties has various chat clients: Flash and HTML which makes it possible to be accessed from most of the devices, whether on PC or via mobile phone. Confirmed devices iphone, ipad, droid, pc, mac, some blackberries.

YouTube/Media Player

A media player is inserted to support various music and video, like YouTube video, MP3 music, etc., which make the chat room more entertaining.

Play Flash Games

It's free to play flash casual games in the chat room, simply click game button at the top bar to launch the game panel. There are hundreds of mini games and no registration is required to play!

General Features

Ample Beauties BBW Chat has tons of other great features to facilitate the communication of sexy singles like you!

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