college vs pro
Publisher: Admin Bill
Date: 2009-06-02T05:34:20-04:00

np other place will you play ball as a family no other place will you call someone your brother no other place will someone have your back when you fail other place will someone love the game more its sad to say but once you leave the world of college anything it becomes your job your life and your carreer. It loses its zest its appreal and becomes a market a place to show your manhood and longjivty. Its hard to keep the love for the game at a professional level when someone is always triing to take your job , when your dont know fromone day to another if your goingto get fired find your things in a bag hanging there which means you are fired, You see there going the family the loyalty to one team the standing up for one another, professional sports has killed itself yet we are a nation love it,yet if you lived it breath it understood it theres so much more to the game the love the safer part college its the best part of the game. someone once told me the best part of the game is when you played for the love when you played with your best friends and that my friend was in college when there was no paycheck............