Plus Size = Plus Sexy?
Publisher: Admin Bill
Date: 2018-04-21T16:47:52-04:00

The media likes to show us all as thin and seemingly perfect women. We see them everywhere, whether it is on TV, online, on posters or in fancy magazines. But isn’t it unrealistic to expect everyone to have this kind of body? It sure is. That’s probably the reason “Plus Size” is getting more and more popular.


One great example is Ashley Graham. She’s currently rocking the catwalk as one of the best booked models in the world and presenting the newest plus size fashion, proving again that sexiness is not defined by weight or bodyshape. More and more companies are going with the trend and now offer plus size fashion in their stores. But what style is okay for curvy people to wear?

The answer is: any style. Just wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and that you think looks good on you. There will of course be people who won’t like it. They may even body shame you and tell you that nobody wants to see you in this. But they don’t matter. The important thing is that you find yourself good-looking. You own this, it’s your body. And then you will finally find people who encourage you in what you do.

Don’t listen to anyone else but yourself.


There are so many clothes out there, waiting for you. Just like this beautiful and elegant dress with floral print from boohoo.

The lace cut under your breasts emphasizes your upper curves even more without being too obtrusive. You could wear this to any party, maybe a wedding, even in your free time.

It’s the perfect dress for almost every situation.


If you don’t want to look so closed up but still don’t want to show too much and stay classy, this white top from FOREVER 21 could be what you’re looking for.

Impress with your beautiful back while leaving the important things covered and keep the rest of your chest a sweet mystery.


Even if you’re not so confident yet or just like it more comfy and casual, we got something for you.

This yellow PUMA sweatshirt from ASOS hides your little belly and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

The bright yellow makes your body poppin and blinds your body shaming enemies.

Now it’s your turn to go hit all the shopping websites and find your own, personal style!

Have fun and stay stunning!