"Proud owner of worthy submissives"
Publisher: DominaFrancesca
Date: 2014-01-19T23:12:23-05:00

[B][FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="2"][COLOR="Red"]The slave agrees to obey his Mistress in all respects. his mind, body, heart and negotiated time belong to Her. The slave accepts the responsibility of using his safeword when necessary, this is talking in brackets (like this) which is out of the slave/mistress relationship. The slave shall keep his body available for the use of his Mistress at all times. In addition, the slave agrees that his Mistress possesses the right to determine whether others can use his body and what use they may put it to. The Mistress will discuss all such instances in advance with the slave, to be certain that such play with others will not violate any established limits. If you think that you will pass and deserve to be trained. Feel free to add Me on My yahoo- francesca867 or on My Skype- franesca.jones -Domina Francesca [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]