Summer Bash...
Publisher: Bootybabe54 on Jul 26 , 13 04:11 PM

See you there Saturday! Hope to meet lots of new people...Come by and say hello... Leslie

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bigger buns
Publisher: Jibberjabber on May 21 , 13 03:39 PM

The slower burning hip fat also makes more of the hormone adiponectin that protects the arteries and promotes better blood sugar control and fat burning. In comparison, carrying excess fat around the stomach, being "apple shaped", raises the ri...

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Love, Friendship and Camaraderie in Philippine Celebrations
Publisher: Guzmancruz on May 5 , 13 04:32 AM

The Philippines is known for its friendliness that most of the time its representative in beauty contests such as the prestigious Miss Universe always emerge as Miss Friendship. For every Filipino you are going to meet, a sincere smile is what she...

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Earn up to Rs.50, 000/- PM through open copy/paste work franchisee through Meeta consultancy private
Publisher: Shivkav on Jan 23 , 13 01:47 AM

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Sometimes Old Becomes New Again
Publisher: Island Princess Gina on Dec 7 , 12 10:20 AM

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4]Just as I was thinking Old loves mean the most because of How we cherish past as perfect, Newness comes in running. Here you are Entering my life without a pause Reaching out to me as though My arms offered something ...

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Where is he?
Publisher: Princess Peaches Of Sin on Jun 19 , 12 08:20 PM

Still looking for that special man in my share life! Where the hell is he?!hissyfitx

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Read this and had to Share
Publisher: Doesloveexist on May 5 , 12 01:02 PM

Ride or Die...For a different breed of woman Why is this such an unfamiliar concept with people? I wanna know why this is so hard to find. If you don?t understand the concept think of it this way. Bonnie was Clyde?s ride or die. Down for her man...

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ample people !
Publisher: Foxylady on Apr 6 , 12 11:16 AM

i miss u all so much !wavingx

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Publisher: Michellle918 on Jan 20 , 12 06:46 AM

I am leaving this site....Good Luck to you all !!

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Eat it right!!! lmfao...
Publisher: ERICA on Jan 13 , 12 03:05 PM

[URL=""]Eat It Right! - YouTube[/URL]

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