Happy New Year !!
Publisher: Michellle918 on Jan 12 , 12 10:30 AM

[FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4] Ready to meet that special someone. I feel like this is the perfect time.[/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4] I am looking forward to new beginnings !! yesx[/SIZE][/FONT]

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My life in 2012!
Publisher: Princess Peaches Of Sin on Jan 10 , 12 06:17 PM

[COLOR=black][FONT=Arial]Yesterday I realized that the positive changes in my life that in working on is because I want my life to change totally.[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial][/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=black][FONT=Arial]Like I know I...

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The Right Man ...??? Whats your Opinion
Publisher: Brother Dave on Jan 6 , 12 07:43 PM

*** The Right Man ? A Woman?s Code of Ethics for the man in her life *** First, we must allow our Heavenly Father to do the picking. And second, the decision for a mate must be made on a spiritual and intellectual basis before it?s made on an em...

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Boobs and fish lips
Publisher: Amyfromcincy on Jan 4 , 12 08:19 PM

My God, women! Just because you have big tits doesnt mean they have to be pushed up to your nostrils in all your pics and knock it off with the pouty fish lip thing it makes you look "special needs."

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A rare but something i lived through wanted people to see
Publisher: MRMRSVADOR on Dec 28 , 11 03:08 PM

[url=]Dissecting Cellulitis of the Scalp[/url]

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Merry Christmas !!
Publisher: Michellle918 on Dec 25 , 11 10:36 PM

I am feeling truly blessed ! Spent a great day with friends and family. While my son was in the hospital....he is on the mend though. Thank God ! I hope that everyone had a great and safe day.

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Epiphany remy distributor
Publisher: CRJ78 on Dec 17 , 11 07:26 PM

Hello Stylists and Distributors, Epiphany Remy hair is looking for individuals to become exclusive sellers of our products. Our hair is 100% Virgin Indian, Brazilian, European, Peruvian and Malaysian. We hand select every strand to ensure co...

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so where are all the men lovers of bbw?
Publisher: Sassybutclassy49 on Dec 11 , 11 10:25 AM

so if there are supposed to be men who love bbw out there in ontario or canada where are you all hiding?

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You wanna know why girls take every little detail seriously?:
Publisher: Trecute on Dec 7 , 11 06:04 PM

Because we?re scared that maybe, we?re [B]not good enough[/B]. We see other girls and think maybe, someone else will take our place. We look through every flaw that we can find. We get [B]insecure[/B]. We?re [B]afraid of getting hurt repeatedly[/B...

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Is it bad?
Publisher: BlackJABaby on Nov 16 , 11 10:41 PM

Is it bad that I want a male best friend? Strictly platonic. Nothing sexual at all. Would the BF disapprove? Absolutely. Argggh!

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