Publisher: Snowromeo on Jul 13 , 11 06:47 AM

:)BBWs are lovely and romantic, Love is here in this world coz this world have BBWs

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Pure Romance Intimacy
Publisher: Caramel Mommy on Jul 1 , 11 12:52 AM

:PHey ample family, I just wanted to take time out to let you guys know I started a new business that I love! I sell relationship enhancers, bedroom accessories, massage oils, lingerie upto (4x) if you want to check it out go to my website @ [URL=...

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Publisher: Chick Is Thick on Jun 19 , 11 04:05 PM

[SIZE=2]Tolerance is often expressed by accepting and embracing diversity. There are many faces of tolerance and even more layers that define what it means to be truly tolerant. Levels of tolerance can be developed by becoming more accepting of ot...

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Bhm and Bbw
Publisher: BigTazz502 on May 30 , 11 07:50 PM

To my fellow Bhm and the bbw ladies hold your head high and keep your feet moving. There are reason why we are the way we are an pple want to wrong comments about us an what we should do, you knw wat I got to say about that GO FUCK URSELF. Yes bei...

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Waiting to move to CT
Publisher: Kalake1987 on May 23 , 11 03:43 PM

Anybody need a roommate, or have a room for rent :) who lives in CT come on i know ya wanna lol

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Publisher: Augie947 on May 21 , 11 02:24 PM

To all the members of this great group please visit my website and advertise free, yes 100% free. Please visit our "Bilingual" website where you can buy, sell or advertise any items for sale including Real Estate, cars, etc. for FREE! List your b...

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Are you a SEXY women? If you are then read this...
Publisher: Lioness on May 5 , 11 01:51 PM

[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=3]I started my business, EXPRESSIONS over 6 years ago because I know what it?s like to see something in the mall that only goes to a size 16 or 18 fall in love with it then realize its never gonna fit~ that soooooooo sucks...

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In Retrospect
Publisher: Little Miss Sunshine on Apr 29 , 11 01:58 PM

Hello Lovelies, When I was a young girl there was these girls in my elementary school that I thought had it all. You could tell from the moment they stepped into kindergarten with their nice clothes and cute shoes and good hair, that they were ...

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NYC bound tomorrow Friday Night Fights!
Publisher: Imdamnnice on Apr 29 , 11 01:33 AM

Cant wait to hit the turnpike.

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Is there anything for the BBW admires in New York???
Publisher: Hydro7503 on Apr 20 , 11 05:35 PM

Both sites ample beauties and club ample only give parties in ct and nj. i check online and every event im like three hours away. Why drive three hours and book a room and only like 15 people show up to the party..... When are the bbw admires i...

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