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Can u luv me & put a ring on my finger?
Publisher: MsPhattieLisa on Apr 14 , 11 12:22 PM

cutex Can u love me unconditionally, and marry me for love? I am 33 now and I dream of a wedding small intimate family around, yours NOT mine. We dressed in casual nice attire smiling kissing, holding hands as family pass us and wish us well. Y...

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I have an Epiphany & a piece of pie.
Publisher: MsPhattieLisa on Apr 14 , 11 12:07 PM

:) I was sitting on my bed & thinking about a time when I was much smaller. The last time I was skinny I was 14 yrs old and I was 190 or 200 lbs @ 5ft7 tall. I felt invisible. Now at 5ft8 340 pounds I feel like a big seeable wall and people are ...

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I love my curves all soft and defined.
Publisher: MsPhattieLisa on Apr 14 , 11 11:54 AM

iloveyousignx It took me a long time to say these words to me. I stared myself in the face, The mirror echoing back what I see. I grinned a nervous grin & bared my teeth a bit. I gave my all to me cause No one else would dare. So I say to myse...

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Up now, staying high..
Publisher: Kiawya65 on Apr 7 , 11 05:25 PM

and working out like crazy.. back to trying to be normal.. read the latest at marjorieellen.blogspot.comspinnyx

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Making Arab Money!

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This bi-polar crap is getting old..
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But my exercise program is doing well! Read about it at goofyx

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Tired, sore..and a bit High
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But my butt is tighening up nicely! check it out on

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Open Your Heart
Publisher: Doesloveexist on Mar 20 , 11 01:56 PM

"Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you?ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hope...

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Shout out to all the bi-polars!
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More drugs, less crazy? Find out at

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