Well Well....
Publisher: Lexlutha on Mar 15 , 11 05:44 PM

Well I must say that I am VERY new to this whole site and I am still getting used to it...I am all for meeting new people and making new friends but one thing though that I do not take kindly to is men on here who think it is okay to treat women w...

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Motivation, exercise and SERATONIN!
Publisher: Kiawya65 on Mar 15 , 11 02:21 PM

Exercising ups seratonin levels, so how to I stay motivated? See whats going on at

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Marijuana for medicinal purposes!
Publisher: Kiawya65 on Mar 14 , 11 10:59 AM

Marijuana can totally fix a bi-polar crash and fix your mood. Unfortunately, I live in a state where it is not allowed medicinally. See what happened on

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Love to shop? Check this out!
Publisher: BrazilianBabe on Mar 9 , 11 04:22 PM

Hello everyone! I just love to share great things with my friends and my community so here we go. I found this great website where you can buy just about everything at a fraction of the cost and I would like to share it with you guys, times are ...

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UGH.. It was just the hormones!
Publisher: Kiawya65 on Mar 8 , 11 07:48 AM

So what do I do about it? Check it out on twitx

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The food Bandwagon
Publisher: Kiawya65 on Mar 3 , 11 09:12 PM

Falling Off! Check it out on marjorieellen.blogspot.comsick!x

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Deep Game
Publisher: Prophytz on Mar 3 , 11 02:08 PM

Have you ever desired something more than your own life Wanted something so bad that you were willing to sell your soul To the devil himself Just exactly how far would you be willing to go How high of a price would you be willing to pay There ...

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Legalize Marijuana Cure PMS!
Publisher: Kiawya65 on Mar 3 , 11 09:12 AM

Check out my post on the issue! marjorieellen.blogspot.comyesx

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Major X-Husband DRAMA
Publisher: Kiawya65 on Mar 2 , 11 08:56 AM

X-husband and new husband Drama! at

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Waiting till the moon shines bright
Publisher: Island Princess Gina on Feb 28 , 11 08:51 PM

[B][I][FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif][SIZE=4]My heart is strong, my love is too [/SIZE][/FONT][/I][/B] [B][I][FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif][SIZE=4]It was meant to be given to the one who is true[/SIZE][/FONT][/I][/B] [B][I][FONT=Times ...

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